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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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to the country to build the new system they learned to go out. a field she took a full jealous about. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this. live from doha. and it's coming up in the next sixty minutes handcuffed and shackled the main suspect in the new zealand shootings remain silent in court as he's charged with. new zealand is united in grief and we are united and. offering sympathy support and reassurance new zealand's prime minister meets muslims in mourning. that is. why.
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i don't really think it's a small group of people that have very verge serious problems like us. president trump downplays any threat from white nationalism following the new zealand attacks . tropical cycle and a day passes mozambique at least nineteen people have been killed and as many as a million people could be without power. i'm joined again with the sports as lewis hamilton equals michael schumacher has reckoned with his eight pole position at the australian grand prix. today new zealand is in mourning following mass shootings at two mosques in christ forty nine people were killed more than forty other. in hospital some of them are
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in critical condition the main suspect has been charged with murder he is twenty eight year old brenton tyrant he didn't enter a plea nor did he seek bail he'll be back in court early next month for the police's searches home in the nearby town of the need in two homemade bombs had been found earlier in his car nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution. the prime minister just in the arden has promised to introduce tougher gun laws and she's been meeting leaders of new zealand's muslim community she offered her condolences and assured them of support from the government. right here for. more freedom to. thank the freedom to express your. religion from christ church andrew thomas sent this report. handcuffed and dressed in white prison clothes australian
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born brinson tyrant stood before a judge charged with murder you are really bonded without actually. tyrant is the main suspects of an attack at this mosque in christchurch. this was the scene shortly after the gunman opened fire at worshipers you can put out the front of the door and he started to rush through the before the people can move around for the front. because of the guy who was the behind before. one of my foot in the worsening situation but they were for the day before or for the front of. it out of people they food in day to day day. the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred muslim worshipers. shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshipers at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away at least
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forty nine people were killed while nearly as many were left injured among the thirty nine patients admitted to hospital the children as young as two years old. four patients died on their way into the hospital yesterday dying before they arrived those injured ranged in ages from a very young to cry the only patients eleven of them are in the intensive care unit . including one female agent who mid twenty's all of those in i.c.u. what we would consider critically ill. police have arrested a number of suspects using as prime minister said they weren't on security watch lists. arriving with a bomb disposal robot the place of started their investigation into lead a small city to the south of christchurch where the main suspect lived the area was evacuated as a precaution earlier place a discovered two bombs in the main suspects car the unprecedented violence has
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prompted the government to commit to changing gun control laws my understanding is he how how the category i.v. gun license and again i prefer my advice currently is that he under the gun license was able to legally acquired the gun said he held they will give you an indication of why we need to change our gun laws the national threat level has been raised from low to high as place politicians and the public come to terms with the worst and the most shocking attack they've ever experienced older people have been gathering here. laying flowers and just standing in quiet contemplation there are a lot of questions to be answered about how this attack happened but there's a lot of grief and solidarity to be expressed under thomas' al-jazeera christchurch . robin go live to another of our correspondents are using crushers wayne hay and wayne this community this city absorbs the tragedy that happened to them
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not that long ago the agony of many of the families continues as so many of those who have died have yet to be identified. yes that's exactly right you mentioned in andrew's piece there the people coming here to pay tribute to leave floral tributes well it's just gone eleven o'clock at night here on saturday and still the people are coming here to do exactly that to leave flowers at the police cordon the road here that we're standing on leads down to the el nor mosque where most of the people were killed on friday but many people also just coming here to stand in silence really and reflect on what this city what this country has been through on friday you mentioned some of the victims the names haven't been officially released but certainly media in new zealand now starting to tell the stories from family members talking about the people that they feared to
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have lost inside those mosques talking about some of the names one of them by a brother of a young boy who is presumed to have been killed inside the el nor mosque has spoken in the media about his hatred for the people responsible for this attack or the individual a new zealand sporting representative representative as well is being reported to have been killed in this. a three year old born in kuwait was a goalkeeper for the national and provincial men's football team his family has since has been speaking about their concerns for what happened on friday as have the sons of a seventy one year old the apparently died according to the sons trying to shield someone else from being attacked inside the el nor mosque he was originally from afghanistan was very active in christchurch in the refugee community would often be
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seen at christchurch airport welcoming new refugees into the city not just from afghanistan but from other places as well so these stories starting to come out now about the people who feared to have been killed inside these two mosques and the prime minister herself confirming that there are children among the dead. yes that's exactly right. fear so you have been children killed inside the mosque some monk the death toll which still stands at forty nine men and women as well of the elderly and young many people still in hospital around forty people still in christchurch hospital here and some of the children that you mentioned have been airlifted to new zealand's largest city o'loghlin to a specialist children's hospital there among the people that are injured in hospital eleven are thought to be critical that is the statistics released from the
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hospital staff here in christchurch so certainly there is a lingering concern that that death toll could rise yet and is there a sense i mean we've had the prime minister talking about changing most definitely changing those gun laws is there a sense that life is going to change for the people of christchurch if not for the people of new zealand. well i certainly think it will this is as has been reported many times unprecedented for this country this is generally regarded as a fairly safe country as you mentioned the new zealand prime minister spoke very strongly about wanting to change the gun laws in fact he said they will be changed to toughen them up make it more difficult for people to get their hands on simian automatic weapons more difficult if not impossible to buy those in new zealand once they change the laws and also for modifications to be made to some of these weapons to make them more deadly which appears to have been the case with some of the
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weapons that brinton. may have used in the attacks on friday generally the gun laws are thought to be relatively strict here anyway clearly weren't strict enough to prevent this person getting a hold of sim semiautomatic weapon so that is certainly something that she would look to change even the police here martine when they're generally on patrol on the streets of new zealand do not carry weapons so gun violence is very rare in new zealand but certainly there is a sense that the unprecedented scale of what we saw unfold on friday will certainly change this country and certainly the city of christchurch for over wayne hay live in christchurch thank you very much indeed well as you've been hearing the main suspect in all of this comes from australia and yara boom elam has more now from the city where he grew up it's grafton it's in new south wales. this is
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a community in shock tyrant's spent the first twenty years of his life in grafton it's a sleepy regional town in country new south wales and we spoke with the arch dane of the anglican church here and he said that. the community can't believe that one of their own could be involved in an attack like this distressed parishioners have been calling in all day on saturday asking what it is they can do about the attack the we also spoke with the deputy mayor and he says that this community is one that has fallen on hard times recently economically with the loss of industry and now has to contend with the fact that is going to be associated with the attack in christ church on sunday there will be a number of church services where the community will come together will be a lot of soul searching but also a show of support for the victims in christchurch. well the new zealand prime minister has received messages of condolence for many world leaders
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including the us president donald trump i spoke with donald trump this morning he sought to costa rica he very much wish for his condolences to be passed on to new zealand he asked for support the united states could spread wide my message was sympathy and love for all muslim communities but the president played down the threat posed by white supremacists i think it's a small group of people that have very very serious problems i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that's a case i don't know enough about it yet they're just learning about the person and the people involved but it's certainly a terrible thing terrible thing. and as a sidebar really australia has denied a british far right commentator visa following his comments about the new zealand
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attacks my young novelist blamed the shootings on new zealand's tolerance of islam calling it a barbaric alien religious culture immigration minister david coleman said his presence would ferment hatred and division coleman had approved the visa just last week despite objections by the home affairs department right now we can talk to joseph lombardi's professor of islamic studies at haven't been wholly for university he's here on set with me thank you very much indeed for joining us i'm just wondering what your thoughts are about the prevalence also it would appear all of this far writes this white supremacist ideology and whether you think that perhaps you with or it is have neglected it in preference of pursuing those that they they suspect of of being radicalized and being islamic one fortunately authorities have done more for more than just because they've actually tried to downplay it and ignore it we've had the recent comments from donald trump and
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others whom you just referred to try to say that this is actually not a problem but then we look at the manifesto of the shooter and of other shooters before him who clearly are invoking ethno nationalist ideologies as justification as the motivations for their acts and where does this idea of white genocide come from this idea of this replacement theory that he the main suspect in this particular instance but others as well where there propagating this idea that the white race is about to be extinguished you know in all honesty this is an idea that goes back very far we see it in the early twentieth century we see it before that and really in many ways the question is why or particular individuals radicalized by this idea ideology how do they get particle history and what can we do to counter that indeed a lot's been said. about the role assess who media of course in the propagation of
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this kind of this hate filled ideology but what about the role played by national and international leaders and he directly references donald trump is being as being a new new leader to maybe of the salvation to the white race there's also that to all band and others of it joe that in hungary others who are also promulgating this kind of. this kind of war talk they're almost trying to suggest that there is a war between western culture and islam yes and you even have people like representative stephen king directly refer to this replacement theory which we could really in a sense call almost the replacement theology because it's the theology of the white nationalist white supremacist movement that we must defend ourselves against these people were coming to take over and i represent the deepest threat of all which is a white person who has embraced islam and this is something that unfortunately it
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is now spreading because in a sense with the election of donald trump and other officials we've turned over a rock and we've seen what was underneath it and he's allowing this to spread further and further people feel justified in saying this was before they felt that there was some check it's also in europe as well the rise of populism the rise of identity tarion ism as it's rather clumsy legal you know this is this is a real phenomenon which is affecting the whole continent is it wrecks it it's our gate is part of that very same trend that your voters there are many others i mean we go back to the norwegian massacre this is all over that manifesto this is a problem that threatens everyone because we see for example the synagogue in pittsburgh jews were killed we see the true church in north carolina that it was black americans who were killed and then we look at the temple. in in wisconsin oak tree was constant that it seeks or killed this is a threat to everyone so everyone who is another everyone who is another and
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unfortunately it's a threat to white people as well absolutely so what role then what responsibility needs to be taken by the leadership by the leadership of the western world well for one thing i think in many ways it starts with the media the media needs to take some responsibility and look at the difference in the way that this is covered if there is a terrorist attack by a muslim studies have shown it receives seven times as much coverage as a terrorist attack by a white supremacist that's an even coverage you look at the daily mail today and we have a beautiful blonde boy where did he go wrong whereas we see with the orlando shooting this horrible muslim terrorist who represents isis an american language masses doesn't it i mention again donald trump using the language of war he's talking about the central americans. posing a threat to next essential threat to the united states is an invasion he says i mean this is invoking. a war like mentality isn't it oh yes and it's the it's the
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whole basis of his being elected is all of these people who see they feel that there is an invasion and that he will be their leader against it but he's the exact opposite of a leader a prime minister of new zealand is a leader this is a person who steps up in the middle of strife donald trump has proven himself to be somebody who falls to the occasion of the rhizomes we. reference the role of the media as well a lot as i mentioned before has been made of the fact that social networks now are instantaneous that this man this perpetrator was able to stream live the atrocity i think for about seventeen minutes it was up on facebook what role then should the big tech companies that is a responsible for a interconnected lives today what role should they play and now they able to harness the technology in order to see. thought that kind of thing being shown well i can say that given the amount of posts that we've been able to
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delete from muslims who treat for example in favor of palestinian causes and things along these lines it looks like they do have that ability but the key to fall into the trap of the media in please sing anything that they see as potentially going towards extremism on the muslim side but letting go of those things which seem to support a no nationalist movement on the other but it sounds very much as though the leadership needs to come from the politician leadership multiple democratic friends news comes from the media it needs to come from it's come from those who supervise social media there and it needs to come from academics as well as if number thank you very much indeed thank you. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including after days of no power venezuelan shops begin to reopen. and months before presidential elections in argentina economic woes take center stage. and feel so on whether to expand
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katter's world cup to forty eight teens joe we'll have the details in sport. after killing at least nineteen people in mozambique tropical cyclone it day continues its push into southeastern africa though it is losing a bit of its for thousands of people have already been affected by the storm which is cut of power and it's called major damage to bridges and roads and around half a million people specifically in the city of better that's the main port city of mozambique have now been cut off it's affecting parts also this in zimbabwe where we understand at least one hundred people are missing. venomous unifem by the police i saw a woman being hit by debris it's not safe for people walking in the situation is very chaotic while i was in the vein to see they said it was
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a majority of houses ninety five percent that collapsed was precarious sleep built up or materials. well louis of fun seka is a journalist at the portuguese news agency lu said he's joining us via skype from the mozambican capital protests thank you for talking to us what is the situation now. today is to the day when fully l. will step in. with all. the possible means to help the. alpha million people which be affected by the. elec of thirst there are two caravans. we. technics with with the personnel to help these people. which couldn't go forward because of the army yesterday today openly they will get to
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the places where l. is needed but mainly in that because the poorest neighborhoods around the city where. we. made most of the nine hundred people killed that number which is likely to grow in the next hours as delegates you know and that clears the breeze which are scattered all the rounds but does it does it feel very much as a cycle and it a has now moved on it's got moved on past. yes a cycle army that is now over the sea and its focus points too big to be dissipating in the next few hours the problem is that the weavers. likely to flood all the old
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the areas are wrapped up and this will cause even more damage to all these families which have lost their houses and now they risk losing there are others and food insecure but he is the next big risk in all over this area this central area. and has power be reconnected obviously we're talking to you via skype has power been reconnected to many people yes power has been reconnected to some points of most a sense of loss and big but not. not all the area because you know there are power lines the damaged a lot of the past off the cycle and so it's a work in progress to stop our work and to be unique patients one of the
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biggest problems yesterday actually since thursday night as been. an ability to do to call to speak with someone in in dando in all this area because there was no power and there was no communication just not even went by. since yesterday afternoon these have been reconnected but it's still a work in progress right and i suppose it's far too early isn't it to really get a full idea of the extent of the damage. yes and. actually the numbers are likely the number of this. totality is. as you said nine. killed by
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cyclonic but the number is likely to grow because. there are still a lot of work to do as these work as these rescue operations unfolds it's likely to be farms. more there was no. more teams of this cycle on louise one second thank you very much indeed for talking to us the u.s. president donald trump has for the first time vetoed a decision by congress he scrapped an attempt to block his a measure c declaration to secure funds for his long promised war along the us mexico border the democratic speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi says a new vote will be held which aims to override the president's veto is not clear yet if a new vote will actually get the tea says majority that it needs to permanently block the president's emergency declaration well as the president tries to move
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forward with this border war plan and crackdown on asylum seekers one church in san diego is trying to provide shelter for migrants in need rob reynolds reports after the san diego. christ ministry center methodist church in san diego is a haven for migrants seeking shelter about fifty asylum seekers from twenty six countries live in the church pastor ellie's a durand geese who was born in haiti is one of the ministries staff he showed us the food pantry getting government help no no government no state no city none none most adults here did not want to go on camera but madea day hey suze who fled domestic abuse in her native hundred along with her special needs son solomon agreed to speak at the sea yes it's a very nice place here they give us security and they're very kind to us elizabeth
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a giallo fled nigeria after her conversion from islam to christianity made her a target for attacks by boko herat she asked us to blur her face they stopped me on my left leg i stabbed him much and the shots. from day each of the asylum seekers has a harrowing story they are fleeing very specific religious violence and death threats and people are fleeing to mastic violence over the past two years seven thousand refugees and asylum seekers have received temporary shelter here but that's coming to an end earlier this month san diego city fire safety official said the shelter with over capacity and would have to close now volunteers are scrambling to find new places to live for the asylum seekers who've been sheltering here everyone has to leave by the end of march it's over why we don't have enough
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space solo and why it's our responsibility to not let we didn't i don't decide whether people come into the united states i decide whether they die. in the street they're going to die in the street here or they'll be killed if they go home if this church was. i don't know a lot of people would have died this church. because some we are really worried amidst a declared national emergency the people here face a true crisis robert oulds al jazeera san diego the afghan special forces have been deployed in order to support hundreds of security soldiers who are under siege by taliban fighters around seven hundred troops are surrounded him bad this province that's right on the border with turkey. they took refuge after the taliban overran over a dozen checkpoints on friday afghan national forces have been battling the taliban
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in this specific region for almost two weeks now thirty soldiers have already been killed and as many as forty have been taken hostage in just a couple of minutes everton will have the weather also coming up on this al-jazeera news out albania's opposition leaves parliament and takes the fight against corruption to the street. and installed rivals reunited roger federer and rafa nadal set up a mouthwatering match in california will be here with the d.c. . well we'll take a look at what's going on in mozambique of the moment very little information
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coming out of here to the severity of the storm but i am place say the winds have died down really quite quickly you can see where the main focus for the heavy rains going to be over the next few days and land will be a major problem in coming days then i was next three days we could see a further half a meter of rainfall coming down so the wind problem has dissipated but the rays really are here to stay warm moist air continues to drift in from the mozambique channel and that's going to be the case as we go on through saturday only into sunday and beyond you can see how the same area very heavy rain will continue to central parts of mozambique pushing into the eastern half of zimbabwe as well sunday into monday that you can see how the shading chart here continues to filter in that very very heavy rain and across a similar area i'm hopeful by the time we come to monday the rain won't be quite as intense but it's still there nevertheless these heavy downpours will continue to
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pulse their way through so widespread flooding remains a major problem for many many days to come. the weather sponsored by countdown to. the government you support are believed to have detained maybe a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china only in a while kings of the people's republic that's probably not best just to dismiss everything as propaganda to use propaganda because you are abrasive aggressive way of addressing it maybe your son challenges chinese finance yet charles leave you wrote something critical of president xi over i said this would not be regarded well by the western press a hot head to head on al-jazeera. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis as we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the
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revenge that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. as another religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. carissa take a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera the gunman arrested after new zealand's mosque attack has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brenton tyrants didn't enter a plea nor did he fail forty nine people died in shootings at to mosques in christ church on friday. a makeshift memorial has been set up in the city to pay tribute
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to the victims and messages of condolence and condemnation coming in from across the world. the prime minister dan has met muslim community leaders in christchurch to offer sympathy support and reassurance she's promising tougher gun laws after a suspect and legally obtained five guns including also massive weapons. albania's opposition is taking to the streets and calling on the prime minister eddie the drama to resign they say the political system is corrupt and they want a snap election the top colt's have been closed for a year and a bid to join the european union to raise the standard of living is unlikely without a functioning justice system reports now from the capital to run a. political future is the question on people's minds as the political process moves into unchartered waters last month the opposition democratic party quit parliament and took to the
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streets saturday's protest is the latest event in a new political strategy that has left the country with an incomplete parliament the european union says the boycott undermines democracy the opposition says. democracy is already a sham because the government has allowed money from the drug trade to control it or it is huge amounts of money they have been able to penetrate the economy and of course they have bought elections they have bought judges and prosecutors the police oppositions in the country they have they have made it possible for members of organized crime to become members of parliament and mayors state captured by organized crime has led to an erosion of democracy the democratic party is ramping up pressure on the government ahead of local elections in june and more importantly a key decision by the european union the big question for albania is whether it'll be allowed to open membership talks with the european union in june that is its
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only realistic chance of raising its standard of living at the moment some fifty thousand young people are still leaving the country each year to find work abroad they join the ranks of albania is already large overseas community which sends home one and a quarter billion dollars a year that is ten percent of the economy. but the e.u. is unlikely to open talks with a country that doesn't have a functioning justice system its top courts have been closed for a year as corrupt judges a rooted out some twenty three thousand cases have piled up many of them against decisions of the ruling socialist party so what was unexpected for us was to see that members of the constitutional court did not pass the vetting process as they were a fall off not justifying their worth or some of the
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judges that did not pass or prosecutors that did not pass the wedding were found to have connections with. criminal organization the socialist say the courts will open again in may but that may be too late to restore transparency and political stability right we can go live now to john who is in the albanian capital to run a john psaropoulos of course and john it seems as though our baby is in a real quandary at the moment but right behind you are people supporting the opposition who've walked out of parliament given up their seats and they're refusing offers of dialogue so what's the way forward. that's right we've just the length of this protest which stretches from the central square this town to run up from scandal base to the prime minister's office that's about half a kilometer it is packed the main avenue between these two points is packed with people i estimate at least twenty thousand rather conservatively from what local
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journalists tell me this is a higher turnout than in the past so if anything this series of protests initiated by the democratic party is growing what people complaining about here we spoke to hundreds of people here is of course the corruption that the democratic party decries they say but they are asked for back handed in daily life by the state services for serbs is that right they say that many people here say they've lost their jobs because the democratic members of the simple things and all of this impacts of course of the economy the real economy what people take in their pockets because at the moment even those to to sickly albanian things are about five thousand dollars a year even that is really an overestimation of what most people hundreds of
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five hundred dollars about it's considered a very good salary so even though the figures may tell a good story about the albanian how growth has been increasing you have unemployment has been falling it's now come down to thirteen percent the fact that people don't feel they have enough money in order to live their lives that they would like to live and feel they've been made false promises and joan i mean the u.s. state department agrees with those people behind you on the street said the recent report on on human rights practices it says that there was pervasive corruption in old branches of government in albania what's the plan is there a plan that's being put in place a credible plan that perhaps the opposition can get on board with. the united states likely european union backing the judicial reform this is currently under way now and i think they are trying to do some damage control of the
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country's image they would like to see this reform completed the government promises the sushi of course as you see it going to be fully operational in may and that is just in time for the june local elections and for the june decision by the european council on whether to allow thing it's an open it's accessing taught everything that is happening here is ramping up towards that crucial months of june when albania is future will to certain extent be decided by whether the european union will allow it to continue on its part the session will tell it but there are still up front to measures to be taken so i think in that spirit the state department just wishes to provide context and say it's not as though there's only one group of corrupt people it is a endemic problem. with us live in the albanian capital tehran
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a funky. writes to bangladesh where aid agencies are now preparing for a monsoon season which could start as early as next month and then last until october that reckoned that up to two hundred thousand range of refugees could be at risk stephanie decker reports now from the camps of cuts is bizarre in southeastern bangladesh which is also one of the wettest parts of the country. john katun son helps her carry sand up to where they now live a small basic hut in the biggest refugee camp in the world we spotted her picking up sand at the bottom of a hill this she tells us is to prepare for the upcoming monsoon season only to go up the concern for us is that the water will come inside the home plus it erodes this soil around the home and it's still continuing to erode the children sometime slip and fall so we are paving the place we send almost one million rohingya
1:41 pm
refugees live here having fled me and margarine the government crackdown in august of two thousand and seventeen this will be their third monsoon season away from home one of the main concerns of the monsoon season are landslides not because many of these huts the been built on slopes and you can see the sandbags have been used here to try and hold the ground but when the rains come you will think to wrench a water pouring down the slopes many people will tell you that these hearts which are made out of bamboo interpol and dandle trance but we're told reinforcement work has taken place on vulnerable areas and a whole new campus been built with stronger homes the ground too is getting extra help these are called soil retention walls all this in an effort to prevent landslides and allow the expected deluge of water to drain of quickly. sanjeeda was recently moved to this hut and she shares the space with her husband and six
1:42 pm
children doesn't have a good deal of but a little. previous home had taught pauline which was blown away during the storm we fixed it with a double layer it was also located in all flat land but this one is on higher ground a much more protected. there are many aid agencies operating here and the size of the camps means that this is more like a city but without the resources to cope with the same number of people and last year we really created twenty six twenty six thousand refugees who are especially vulnerable and there are places. and that was a good measure this year we hope that the number much much smaller because we have strengthened. the south as here we have one more year of experience and that's why we have a kind of optimistic what is certain is that the rains will come high winds will pound these huts and the ground will turn wet and muddy but what's less certain is
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what will happen to all these people now living here stephanie decker in the refugee camps of cox is bizarre. the business is a slowly reopening in venezuela of the days of a nationwide electricity outage the other battle for power continues in the capital and that's between the president and the opposition leader so there's a boat report from the capital caracas. boxes of food ready to be distributed in venezuela. where the government's way of handing out subsidized food as the country struggles with the consequences of a long running crisis. because of the economic war cybernetic war or the territorial leaders that give away the boxes to the people. venezuela is recovering from a power outage that left most of the country in the dark for several days still millions of people are struggling for water we got our cast and the many other parts of the country the government used to distribute this. year every month but now they're
1:44 pm
doing it every fifteen days because of the economic crises inside there's found other means rice some flour or oil among other things many of the people we have spoken to say that it's not enough. the boxes as they are known here are the only way most venezuelans have to survive they're sold for a few cents of a dollar much cheaper if people were to get the same items in a supermarket. but just like water these days and many other things in. the boxes do not reach everyone in need. and won't be getting a clap box this month. i can't survive like this tried to see how to sustain myself my daughter is helping me but she couldn't get the clock box this month everything is extremely difficult for us these days. opposition leader still claims he's the
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country's legitimate interest president his bid for power has the support of the united states and dozens of countries. he continues to take to the streets almost every day calling on the military to rebel against i we're not begging we're demanding our rights are citizens and knowing there are risks in a dictatorship like this one we see the government smiling what are they laughing at when the people are starving. but for now the military won't give in to whitelist call they remain loyal to the government even though the opposition has promised to forgive many of the crimes they're accused off. the opposition of the united states are wrong when they think that the military are defending nicolas maduro they're defending themselves because they're part of the government this is military and civilian rule where they play a crucial role and all the things that you can blame the government for you can also blame them. giving away food has been the government's way of winning times in
1:46 pm
the middle of economic trouble but the political crisis is not over and nobody really knows how long it will last. the u.s. secretary of state has warned that the u.s. will impose sanctions on anyone who attempts to sue his country or its citizens at the international criminal court and have a twenty seven thousand the request was made by the i.c.c. prosecutor to investigate alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in afghanistan since two thousand and three judges a still reviewing that request one hundred twenty three nations have members of the i.c.c. bought major pile was like the u.s. they haven't signed up to it we are determined to protect the american and allied military and civilian personnel from living in fear of unjust prosecution for actions taken to defend our great nation i'm announcing a policy of u.s.
1:47 pm
visa restrictions on those individuals directly responsible for any i.c.c. investigation of u.s. personnel this includes persons who take or have taken action to request or further such an investigation these visa restrictions may also be used to deter i.c.c. efforts to pursuit allied personnel including israelis without allies consent implementation of this policy has already begun. in the crowd were fifty prisoners held for taking part in anti-government protests have now been released as part of an effort at talks to end a long running political crisis relatives gathered outside a maximum security prison to welcome them home but they were released out of sight they'll remain under house arrest more than seven hundred people have been detained since april last year at least three hundred twenty five for being killed following
1:48 pm
the rallies which called for president danny almonte goes resignation the opposition alliance has demanded early elections. still to come here on the al-jazeera news out there is a nightmare hold for tiger woods as his chances sink in florida joe will have the details in sport. up to. the time.
1:49 pm
when the news breaks on the story below six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine that they are not enough syringe and al jazeera has teams on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring you more when you taking documentaries and live news on air and online. time is foresees now with my team thank you foreman on world champion lewis hamilton has taken pole position for the opening race of the new season in
1:50 pm
australia and a safe drive a teammate while terry bought us to the front of the grade and secured an eight hold position in melbourne including a record held by michael schumacher an edge in senna of the most polls at one venue he also broke the track record album park for ari well off the pace with sebastian vettel qualifying third for hamilton though it's the best possible start to the season as he aims to defend his well talk. to me and i am shaking it was so it was so close so there was a credible crowd here today thank you everyone for coming out and creating this atmosphere. but what a beautiful day and i again coming from testing from winter we had no idea where we would be. you know we're hoping of course to be where we are we've been working towards that the guys back at the factory and working so hard on the weekend this weekend also they've just been you know just working back. bangladesh's cricket his have left christ church after escaping the mosque shootings they're flying home
1:51 pm
after the cancellation of the third test against you zealand which was due to start in christchurch today members of the team were on a process approaching the a little mosque for prayer when the attack happened the team took shelter in the buses the shooting went on and witnessed people covered in blood running out. one of the greatest rivalries in sport will regime later on saturday roger federer and rafael nadal both won their course finals at indian wells to set about mouthwatering clash in california it will be the first time they've played in nearly a year and a half david stakes reports. i guess things have been going federer's way this week and so did the first set against poland's huge but her catch the swiss took it six games to four his opponent may have been fifteen years younger than him but it didn't show it was her catch made to do most of the running and experience when out in the end. i've heard her is going for a six title at indian wells and he wrapped things up in just an hour and thirteen
1:52 pm
minutes. i played the stage for an adult up against russia's current catch you know. this was a more competitive match the opening set was close but the dow took it on a tie break by not for the first time in his career he needed some treatment for a knee injury but the doctor patched him up and he went on to claim victory setting up the much everybody wanted to see in california the dial vs federal the two most successful players in history with thirty seven grand slams between the guy i want to play and i am sometimes probably my my biggest rival on. a belated ages in our career and i was. just a pleasure and just an opportunity to keep competing that's true you know if i play rough or there is extra energy in the building extra energy for both of us there's always a lot on the line we'd have done so much promotional stuff for you know for the
1:53 pm
tour charity stuff matches you know legendary matches that you know brought history so i think we're both excited it'll be their first meeting since twenty seven team federer has won the last five but adele leads their overall head to head record it promises to be some match that is provided nadal's knee holds out david stokes al-jazeera. dominant team contender the other semifinal meanwhile there's a big story developing in the women's tournament canadian teenager bianca andrusco is into the final after beating alina's for selena in three sets the eighteen year old is the youngest player to reach the final at indian wells in twenty years since rena williams won it at seventeen and risk who will be up against three time grand slam champion engineer. rory mcilroy has surged into a share of the lead at golf's players' championship the northern irishman produced a stunning finish to his second round he hold three birdies and an eagle on the
1:54 pm
back nine at sawgrass in florida that took him to twelve under par overall four time major winner is chasing his first p.g.a. tour when since march last year. or he's tied at the top with the european ryder cup team mate tommy fleetwood that's thanks to shots like this holding outs from the bunker for an eagle. in mcavoy a three shots play of their lives changed us. tiger woods made five birdies but it all went wrong at the iconic path three seventeenth is tee shot landed on the green but then rolled into the water. and it only got worse this third shot from the drops the drop zone got to and he ended up making a quadruple bogey woods eventually finished with seventy one nine shots of the lead and left to reflect on that white maris seventeen. the second one i had to fly too
1:55 pm
hard but the first one. on the regular two once was a good shot it's just a little bit too far other than you know seventeen today and there really hasn't been done a whole lot wrong. you know very easily could be near that lead and there's no way i'd be leading badly close close enough to that lead with still no closer to finding out of cattles world cup will be expanded to forty eight teams or not football's governing body announced on friday that the number of participants at the twenty twenty two twenty meant could be increased from thirty two if another host countries added but also said they'd have to work with cattle to explore the idea and where not to expect a final decision until june if it is feasible if it is possible great if it is not feasible if it is not possible great. but i think as we have the duty to look into that we consulted all our associations ninety percent are of course in favor. of an increase. but it's not
1:56 pm
as easy as that you cannot just take a simple decision the idea of an expansion is complicated by an essay and land blockade of cattle by three of its neighboring countries even only q.a.m. tuner manas feasible options twenty twenty two organizers say they're open to discussions. it is possible it's feasible but everything is dependent upon a lot of details a lot of discussions a lot of assessments there's a lot of steps to be taken and this will be taken jointly between fifo and qatar and we're moving ahead and then the final proposal will be one between fee for the tarp. so not so so and so one of the freshman fifteen did decide to approve infantino plan for twenty fourteen club world cup from twenty twenty one and that this year's women's world cup will use video system referees for the first time the technology made its world cup debut the men's tournament in russia referees for the women's team in women's event in france took part in a v.a. out training camp in cats just last month and as an exciting finish and so for
1:57 pm
a six nations with three teams capable of winning it on the final day in cardiff wales will take the championship and complete the grand slam if they beat island the welsh are on a hot streak of thirteen straight wins but a win for island could see them take the title that is unless england then go on to big scotland in the final game of the tournament. this is the cliché it's a privileged. position. to. give. them a. crazy break this year same. goes for. the rich. that is obvious but for now we'll have more light to martin thank you very much indeed and that's all for this al jazeera news hour but don't go away davey it will be in the chair in just
1:58 pm
a moment i'll be back later in the afternoon stay with us. a sinister on a guy who secretly controls moldova's upon him and own me a tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollars for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera.
1:59 pm
driven by outrage and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like was so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty idea if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho are among the most persecuted minorities in the world some journeys are tougher than others. but this road trip is even tougher than the current the truck there would strangers there's. just no room follows the law can truck drivers in danger in their life. just to make
2:00 pm
a living if you crash that might break your liver even kill you it doesn't produce only fruit. from a good deal to death on al-jazeera. handcuffed and shackled the main suspects in the new zealand shootings remain silent in court as charged with. watching a desert live from doha also coming up new zealand is united in grief and we are united and free. offering sympathy support and reassurance new zealand's prime minister meets muslims the morning. with a wife and.


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